Dreaming again.

When this was released a lot of people didn’t like it, cried foul and abuse of a classic song, but for me it was cathartic and the beginning of a whole new world. Dream on. Advertisements

Feeling lonely?

Watching these guys perform for the first time on Australian tv and I knew they’d be a favourite.

Home sweet home

Forget the ratty version from the movie, this is the real deal, and at a time when my favourite movie came out, this song had a LOT of air time in our home.

Bad treatment

Funny name, but a song that lingers in the mind… much like indigestion after too much pizza and beer.

In a picture

To me this always struck home, apart from the hilarity of Mr Bean, to mean I heard the message, look further than the cover when deciding on a books value.

Getting high

And of course after your mind has been freed it must high… Oh, those were the days, dance Toni!

A free mind

This song used to play every night on my way home from work, it was sad really, I knew what time it was by when certain songs came on, nothing quite like small town radio stations.

The Gambler

My father’s taste in music is questionable at best, big bands, bagpipes and swing sums him up, but this is the only song we’ve ever really agreed on.

Jetts and Runaways

Nothing beats a strong female vocalist, pick one, any one, but one of my favourites has to be Joan Jett, and this song has always been a bit of an inside joke for me.