A question of why

In the last week I’ve been called a lot of ‘names’, weird/weirdo (numerous times) because I’ve moved from ‘sunny’ Australia to ‘horrible’ England, brave, amazing, crazy, inspiring, and weird again. Maybe any or all of those descriptions are true or accurate to some degree, I don’t know. I don’t think I’m brave, definitely not crazy,…

Bags are packed…

The movies were huge successes, but for me it’s this song right here folks, right here!

Then the change happens

…and then the change happens, because you know there’s something better waiting for you, if you’ll only have the belief in yourself to go find it.

Smith and Agron

Sometimes it’s what isn’t said that screams the loudest.

Going again?

Some things in life seem to repeat, and you do get that sense of  deja vu.

The start of goodbye

Although relatively unknown in a lot of countries, Halestorm as gaining ground quickly, doesn’t hurt when one of their songs gets featured on Glee either! But the original is still the best!

Right and wrong

Another favourite from the movie Sahara and a damned catchy tune!

Riding and magic

Apart from the movie Sahara this song hasn’t gained a lot of play in the last 20 years, which is a shame because it’s just plain awesome!