Ahhh, is there anything more relaxing than a day without demands? A day spent catching up on favourite past times? I’m not sure, but today was one of those days for me. Waving off the other-half to the conference, I took my time over a cup of coffee, caught up on Twitter, Facebook, and some blog planning. The hours flew past, and before I knew it, it was time to get to today’s action; Oktoberfest Berlin!

We met up at the Sundgauer Strasse train stop, boarded the next available S1 to Friedrichstrasse, then over to Alexanderplatz, where we literally walked out of the station and into the party. Or what will no doubt be a party by the time I get this blog entry posted! We had a quick wander around Alexanderplatz (not the station linked above), looked at the stalls – most of the usual suspects that you’d see at any German Christmas market in the UK – and made our way over to the Paul Aner bier garten and did our bit for the bucket list! We tried both the weiss bier, and the festbier. The festbier was better.


Suitably jollied along by a half litre of beer we went in search of food… not that many options, certainly not that many that were an acceptable price! One pork-knuckle, with sauerkraut and bratenkartoffel later, along with some curly fries with curry sauce (not to be confused with the curry sauce served in the UK), and we were just finishing up…. and the heaves began to open above us. I’ve never seen so many people almost instantly disappear from what was a pretty packed eating area.


With full stomachs, and slightly damp clothes, we made our way towards the greatest of all German traditions; Primark, for a spot of souvenir shopping! A quick dash around the racks and we had what we wanted, and out the door! The hoards that were previously eating/drinking, were now descending on any available shop for cover.

We made our way back to the station, darting here and there, grabbing a few treats as we went – including some schokofruchte, which has given me the giggles, the other-half, not so much – and we were back on the S-Bahn and heading home for the night. Whilst it might be the opening day of Oktoberfest, neither of us felt inclined towards hanging around in the cool/damp outdoors, and drinking more bier.



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