Dry Suit Diving


Keeping my hands out of the chilly water during PPB.

Quick post time. Yesterday, Sunday, was a brilliant day for me. Mostly. After starting my SCUBA training over 12 months ago, I finally finished the dry suit part of my Open Water certification. Whilst 90% of my diving has been dry suit, I’ve never managed to get around to ‘signing off’ on the last official dive. Yesterday I did!



Dry Suit Speciality!

We were up early and out the door, a 1.5hr drive up to Capernwray, setting up, and attempting to suit up. This has always been a bone of contention for me. Whilst I don’t mind dry suit diving, I have getting so hot in the suit – even when not sitting in the sun, cooling down in the water, I still come out of every dive red-faced and drenched in sweat! Not pleasant. So I was determined to finish off the dry suit course, so I’d finally be able to ditch the dry and go to my 5mm Mares. So yesterday, to the horror of many fellow divers, I stripped out of my shell, then peeled off the sleeping-bag styled undersuit, put my shorts and a long-sleeved sweater back on, then shrugged on the shell again. Bingo! The suit fit better, and I wasn’t melting! I then spent the next couple of hours in and out of dives, and for once, really enjoyed myself, because I wasn’t melting! I also managed to do an AOW dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy, so that’s made me one step closer to this year’s training goals!


Anyway, we’re diving again in a couple of weeks, where I’m hoping to finish off my Advanced Open Water training with ‘Wreck’ and ‘Underwater Photography’, so I have that to look forward to, whilst still being really happy with what I’ve already achieved.


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