London calling… again

IMG_7467Back in London this weekend. We’re between destinations at the moment, and enjoying a mini-break before we head off again. So whilst one of us went to see Hamilton (which by all accounts was amazing and well worth going to see if theatre’s your thing), I went to the British Museum to check out the Rodin exhibition. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, it was supposedly Rodin/classical Greek art and sculpture, and given what’s coming up on our travels, thought that it would be relevant.

IMG_7465.jpgI was also pretty happy to have seen two world famous pieces, The Thinker, and The Kiss. Both were remarkably moving, and I’m not really sure why. Neither were particularly realistic in their portraying of the human body, but there was something relatable about them. The other pieces though, they left me wondering if Rodin was ever so slightly obsessed with the repeatative displays of eunuchs. If these sculptures were an indication of Rodin’s finished/almost finished pieces, then I have to admit to not being impressed at all. The classical Greek art works that were supposedly the inspiration for him were equally disappointing, to the degree that I’d have been asking for a refund.

IMG_7468But, this is the British Museum after all, so instead of leaving straight after, I proceeded to check out other exhibits, probably the same ones I’ve already seen several times, but there’s something awe inspiring to see these pieces, to know they were made by artisans thousands of years ago, and they’re still inspiring others today. Just amazing.

IMG_7472So for the moment I’m tucked up in bed, enjoying a surprisingly good tea (of chicken shish, toasted pitta bread, salad, and some chips with a minty/garlic creamy dressing, not bad for <£10 in London!) from Best Mangal near Kings Cross, and enjoying catching up on some Kara & Nate on YouTube. If you haven’t seen or heard of them, check them out here.


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