I’m Aware, are you?

UnknownLike most children I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now while most of my friends answered ‘a farmer’ – we did live in the country after all – or the usual ‘fireman’, ‘police officer’, even the occasional ‘nurse’ or ‘doctor’, my answer was unusual.

A marine biologist.

Some of my earliest memories involve water, being on it, in it, or watching it on TV. One of the first programs I remember watching was of the Calypso, and the Cousteau family on one of their infamous films. Reruns of their search for Atlantis, of Roman Plunder, or Lost Relics of the Sea were regular favourites; the vivid colours of fish and coral reefs, of sunken ships with hidden treasures, they all drove my childlike imagination wild. They probably also helped spur my interest in history and archeology.

However, the world, and our oceans, has changed dramatically since then. Whether you want to call it Global Warming, or Climate Change, at the end of the day our planet is in serious trouble, and it’s our fault.

So, what can you, the person reading this, do to help in this crisis? Quite a lot actually, more than you’re probably aware. Rather than blabbering on here, take yourself over to Project Aware and have a look for yourself. There are easy tips to follow, projects you can get involved with, and if nothing else, help spread the word about taking and making responsible decisions in your everyday life.

I’ve taken the pledge, I’m aware, are you?


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