From North to South in 12hrs

Ahhh, intrepid readers, welcome back! When last we spoke it was from the sometimes-sunny and dizzyingly wet climes of Scotland, specifically, downtown Dumbarton. That’s a long way north of where this post comes from, as about 430 miles further north. Yes, folks, we’re in London!

This morning we set off from our cozy and warm bed, thrust out into the breezy and bright world, and proceeded to make our way back down the M8, and onto the M74 with the English border in our sights. By mid-morning we were able to pause for a reprieve, aka a bacon butty and cup of coffee at Cafe Sixty Six near Brough on the A66 – see what they did there. As far as a roadside cafe/diner goes, this one’s mighty fine, especially at 9.30am on a Sunday morning! If you’re in the area and feeling a might hungry, this is certainly one spot worth stopping in at (FULL English breakfast for under a tenner!).

Recharged, and we were back on the road, next desination: home, and quickly! But why the rush? Well, quite literally, we had a train to catch! Once home we managed to hurl our bags out of the car and inside, grabbing the prepacked ones we’d left for this exchange, then off to the railway station toot-sweet.

But that still doesn’t tell you what’s going on, does it? Well, you’ll have to forgive us, you see, shortly before we left for our highland fling, we drew seats to attend Wimbledon over the first couple of days, and it was simply too good an opportunity to miss! So onto a Virgin Eastcoast train and down to old London-town and another adventure we went!

We’re now tucked up in bed, and planning our adventure for tomorrow, for tomorrow we’re going to Wimbledon…


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