28123956125_3df5dc8d71_zHow many do you think there are within 10 minutes of Fionnphort? Answer: more than you’d imagine. We started the day with a quick drive to Kintra, just north of Fionnphort on the ‘finger’ of Mull. There’s a nice little cove there, not exactly ‘pretty’ or ‘beachy’, but certainly worth exploring if you get the chance.

28045865331_0a2327f1ae_zFrom there we headed south of Fionnphort to Fidden beach. Now, this one is pretty, and beachy, there’s even a few campsites if you feel like pitching some canvas (though not much in the way of facilities). Here we wandered around for some time, exploring the various outcrops, rockpools, and conversing with the odd sheep or two. Yes, sheep, lovely sheep, friendly sheep, sheep that did tend to poo everywhere, so watch where you put your feet! Apart from that, there are some lovely sandy (and sheep-poo free) spots on the expanse of beach, it’s a bright white colour, and contrasts spectacularly with the turquoise of the water, a scene of the kind you’d expect from the Scilly Isles, or further south along the Aegean.

27508635293_586a1fb54c_zThere’s a few historic secrets here and there too, tucked away, remains of structures no longer used, now crumbling into the sea with every passing tide. But mostly you’ll see sheep, and campervans, and the odd farmer on a quad bike. At least that’s what we saw. So after lounging on the beach at Fidden for an hour or so, probably more like two, and waiting to leave until both the wind crept up, and the rain started to threaten again, we then set back off towards Fionnphort. Well, to the beach there. Via a parade of Highland coo’s, and the miraculous ceasing of the downpour. Scotland, don’t like the weather? Wait 2 minutes.

28123719525_1d02e4c370_zI think my favourite beach is still the one at Fionnphort, well, that or the one over on Iona, they’re both utterly charming, have the ferry that comes and goes – always interesting to watch – and various fishing boats that call it home. The geological content is also exceptionally attractive, at any time of day, a giant boulder in the middle of the small bay, orange granite hill rising behind it, covered in verdant foliage, and the bluest skies you’ll ever see. Just spectacular!

Tonight’s our last night here, we’ve been rather lucky with the weather overall, only a bit of rain here and there. Tomorrow we head off, first west, then north, then finally south, but as for where exactly, well, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out!


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