We’re off again!

27509602524_6c176f0b8d_zOnce upon a time, two travellers had a wonderful idea to set off exploring their favourite corner in the United Kingdom. It just so happens that their travel dates were around Summer Solstice, and the momentous and much maligned European Referendum. Together they set off from their homes with an overnight stop planned for near Kendal after a day in the Lake District.

28045558011_b791e2ddbc_zOur first stop was for lunch – yeah, it was a late start – at Kirkby Lonsdale. If you haven’t been before, approaching Kirkby Lonsdale on the A65 from the southeast you’ll come to the Devil’s Bridge shortly after passing the A683. It’s on the right-hand-side, get ready to do a hair-pin styled turn to head down a narrow road to a car park with limited spaces. Be warned, if it’s a nice day, the spaces will fill up quickly, or try your luck loitering for a spot, as people do change over fairly regularly. As a bonues, there’s a few picnic options, bins for your rubbish, and the ever sought after roadtrip necessity, toilets!

28123633505_bcac48c359_zFrom Kirkby Lonsdale we headed further northwest into the Lake District, specifically to Beatrix Potter’s house/farm in Ambleside. My first visit here took place in 1994, scurrying in with my Mum before a tour-bus filled with very loud Americans – something we were to incur at almost all our destination points. Now, some twenty-odd years later, I was delighted to see little had changed. Perhaps the vegetanle garden was little weak, the flowers still not blooming due to the lateness of spring, but the essence was the same.

After spending some hours ambling around B.P’s house we set back off for our evening digs, but not before enjoying another crossing over Lake Windermere, and returning through Whitbarrow National Nature Reserve. For our first night away we’ve chosen Millers Beck B&B, a charming rural setting, complete with old millers’ wheel and stream.

Tomorrow; we head into the wilds of norther England, and jump the border into Scotland!


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