It ain’t over just yet…

So it’s been a long time since the last post, both on Facebook and on the Blog, and you didn’t really miss much. To recap what wasn’t posted; we travelled down to London from York, went to the Making of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, caught up with some friends in Richmond, spent the day at Hampton Court Palace and trekked across half of London’s Underground due to closures for maintenance (can we say that was an experience and a half!), and explored along the Thames at Richmond before flying back to Australia.

At the time we were too exhausted to post, or when we arrived back were feeling a little deflated at not having achieved all we had wanted to. However, things since have taken a turn for the more interesting and in 2015 some exciting events may just take place, so don’t ditch the page just yet, don’t forget us at the end of the year, stay tuned and come on the ride of a lifetime!

Harry Potter/Hogwarts

Hampton Court Palace

Richmond by the Thames