Ely to Kettering to Cambridge to London

It’s been an hectic few days, and I do apologise for not posting sooner, between a lack of wifi or an over abundance of driving has left us fairly well exhausted, and with not a lot to show for it as such. Since leaving Ely we’ve enjoyed some wonderful times with family, catching up on gossip from the past and hypothesising over events from past era’s – it’s what happens when you find yourself sitting in a room full of genealogists who’re all talking animatedly ten-to-the-dozen about people who are long since departed. Kettering is an interesting little place, it’s actually not all that little and is quite bustling if you happen to come upon it at school time/peak hour, like we did, and the joys of navigating your way through that madness can be quite the challenge, even with GPS guidance. We managed, as always with a few terse words aimed at Ducky-Foo when she designed to send us the wrong way along a one-way road, and a few complimentary ones when she delivered us safely after a wrong turn later.

Cambridge is as lovely as it’s painted, the River Cam winding its way through the old town, between the University and Trinity College, the whole place is just as serene as it’s painted. We stayed outside of Cambridge, in a small village named Linton whose high street winds past some typical old buildings, including the ‘local’ pub and a few shops. Not far away is another small village with an absolutely brilliant pub, the Black Bull, which does one of the best ‘Aberdeen Beef’ pies we’ve had yet. The following day we were treated to both a cooked breakfast AND a roast lunch, which meant we then had to drive down to London on very full stomachs and ear to ear grins – needless to say we didn’t need to consider anything for dinner!

We’re in London overnight before collecting the last member of our party from Heathrow in the morning. It’s been a wonderful month with just the two of us rattling around the countryside, and we’ve certainly achieved a lot – some of it what we’d intended to, other achievements were utter surprises – and now after all the ‘work’ is done, we’re really looking forward to a nice break, an actual holiday if you will. After the airport run we’re headed directly north, so the next few posts will be from the cooler, and probably wetter, northern climes.

The picture to the right was from the afternoon of the FA Cup, a somewhat surreal experience, crisps, glass of ‘something’ alcoholic and watching the ‘home’ team play. Thoroughly enjoyable, even if I still don’t know what was actually happening!