Hutton and Surrounds

It was lovely waking up slowly today, listening to the chirp of the morning birds as they fluttered here and there just outside our westerly window from which we can equally see a small stream go flowing by. Last time we were here the stream was a sedate trickle, right now it’s positively gushing! The skies were clear, a cloudless blue sky, which would also account for the slightly chilly touch to our flat as well! A quick breakfast of toast – something we haven’t had in weeks – and we were chuffing off over the moors to track down a few relatives, most of them are uncommunicative, given they died a hundred years or more ago, but we could still find traces of their lives. Our first stop was the family church where several generations had attended during their lifetime. After wandering around for a little while, and an interesting chat with the Verger about the famous crypt of St Cedd that the church is built on top of, we set off to tour around a half dozen more villages where various contributors to the family tree had worked and lived. The area itself is beyond beautiful, a mix of heath covered moorland, shady wooded glades and multi-coloured-patchwork fields with rockwalls sewing them all neatly together to blanket the countryside.

Having then found ourselves miles and miles up in the moors we travelled back down towards Pickering to meet up with two people who, though not related to us, have a tenuous connection to our past. One knew my Great-grandmother, the other now lives in, and named their house after, my Great-great-grandmother (there may be another ‘great’ in there, but I get a little lost after a while. It was lovely to meet both people and to visit the house where some of my forebears were born and lived, though the house is much changed over the years, there are still some original features, and it was a very moving experience to know they I stood on the same ground that they did over a hundred years before. Oh for a time-machine. Afterwards we returned to our flat and did a spot of cooking, both for dinner tonight, but also for the coming days, and once again we thoroughly enjoyed a home cooked meal!