Seventy-Seven Days

CountdownNot much has happened since the last posting. I still haven’t resolved the camera debate (so email me via the contact page or leave a comment at the bottom if you have any suggestions). It was only today that I realised that there’s just over two months left before departure, and of course in true obsessive compulsive fashion I’ve now created a countdown calendar that I can tick off each day.

Anne Hathaway's CottageOn a slightly different track I’ve been pouring over National Trust and English Heritage brochures and their websites for hours, getting thoroughly lost and giving myself a migraine that took hours to clear. But it did allow me to find a number of places I’m REALLY looking forward to visiting, Hardy’s Cottage (Thomas Hardy), Cloud’s Hill (T.E. Lawrence), Coleridge’s Cottage (S.T. Coleridge) and of course a return visit to pay homage to Beatrix Potter’s property Hill Top (she’s a regular stop during visits). On my first ever visit to the UK – 20 years ago this year, when I was a very impressionable 16 year old) I was fortunate enough to visit a number of favourite author’s homes, Hill Top, Brontë Parsonage, Austen’s house, and of course Anne Hathaway’s Cottage – for her relationship to Shakespeare – so this year I’m hoping to visit a few new ‘old’ friends as it were.

iPhone Of course all this travelling means a GPS/SatNav would probably be beneficial, but what to do? Use my iPhone (now that I have a nifty cable that allows me to connect it without Bluetooth to any car stereo that has an AUX port) and trust that my data allowance won’t use more than that. Or, do we buy a new GPS when there? Last time we visited we dared cross the threshold of Argos and Halfords – both of which were a boon and had the potential to bankrupt us. Sigh. Decisions decisions, and only 77 days to go!


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