The camera debate

About 2 years ago I finally spoilt myself and bought my first serious camera, a DSLR, the entry-level Nikon D3100. I’ve taken it everywhere with me on trips large and small ever since, I’ve captured some magnificent pictures with it and I loved it! It’s an awesome camera and I’m well pleased I bought it.


Now I’m contemplating upgrading. Or not? I’m not sure. I like the look of the new Nikon D5200 – it’s fully compatible with the D3100 lenses/batteries/chargers etc – so if I’m going to ‘upgrade’ at least it won’t cost me a small fortune to re-kit, because I won’t have to! Having said that though, my biggest complaint with the DSLR has been the weight. It’s heavy to lug around your neck for hours on end, and whilst a Joby ‘UltraFit Sling Strap’ has relieved some of that burden, its other main problem is the eternal ‘zoom’ issue. With it’s fixed/single lens, there’s no way I can get that shot from over 300m away, at least not like I was standing right there.


Do instead of getting the newer DSLR instead opt to keep the D3100 and get a smaller ‘pocket-sized’ point-and-shoot effort like the Nikon Coolpix S9500? Something that I can just slip in my pocket for those quick snaps, but not necessarily for the more ‘serious’ stuff that I’d generally use the D3100 for, or do I just go for the D5200 and not worry about the happy snaps – after all, most of the time I use my Apple iPhone for that!

Decisions, decisions… What’re your thoughts?


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