Testing from Blogsy

Not quite counting down the days, but I thought it perhaps wise to check out some kit that may make writing about this adventure just that touch easier. Firstly, using an app called Blogsy, theoretically I’ll be able to type the text, add pictures (even selecting their location and size) or other links, possibly even pages as I’m travelling around all with a few keystrokes, or taps as I’m using an iPad and Hey-Presto! a blog post.

Theoretically that is.

Other than that, can now confirm that Eurostar tickets have been booked, so I’ll be spending Easter in Paris, pretty cool huh?! Anyone have any recommendations for special events or things to do during that festive weekend? I plan on checking out all the usual suspects, but would love to know if there’s any special cultural events happening on that weekend. Leave a comment and let me know!


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