Welcome and Hi!

Hi! So you’ve found my little blog, awesome, welcome! There won’t be much happening here between now (Dec. 13th 2013) and April 2014, unless I get some unexpected travel in, which is always possible! Hopefully as the months roll on I’ll be posting more information about ‘the trip’, a seven week adventure across the north of France (and of course a few days in Paris) before trekking (no literally, I’m not that energetic) around the UK, including of course some maps of where we’re going (Moon River and Me that is), what we are or might be seeing as well as any delectables that I’ll try and sample whilst we’re there.

In the meantime, sign up to get the blog updates delivered to your inbox, or check out the Facebook page if you’re on that, and of course the Instagram and Flickr pages too!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. carol says:

    looking forward to reading about your awesome trip

  2. Clare Mottershaw says:

    I’m itching to see them and hopefully to star in one of them!? 😉 Exciting times!

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