Michigan Madness

For those wondering where the updates are, well, you may have to wait a little while longer. We survived our last train trip on the Wolverine service, thank you Amtrak, you’ve taught us new definitions to ‘on time’ and ‘customer service’. We’re in Michigan now and catching up with friends and family I haven’t seen in nearly 13 years (almost to the day!), the brood has grown rather substantially in that time, so we’re pretty much flat out just enjoying ourselves. This weekend we’re on a roadtrip more towards the ‘thumb’ of the state, those from Michigan or the States should understand that reference. Going back to my pen-pal’s family home and to hangout where this whole madness started, also for me to verify some bits and pieces before publishing my upcoming novel.

Saturday however we’re shooting back to the west side of the state to see my eldest ‘nephew’ in his last baseball game for the season, we can’t wait! Hoping to take a LOT of pictures with my D3100 whilst we’re staying here, there’s a lot I want to have momentos of and test out a few of my new camera toys. More yay!

So in the mean time, we hope you’re making the most of wherever you are in the world, whether it’s sticky and warm in the States, or a bit on the chilly side back in Australia! Either way, stay with us, hopefully we’ll get a bit more blog happening soon, and some pictures where we can! Don’t forget, there’s a link at the bottom of the main page to an online album we have setup, so you can see pictures of some of the places we’ve been!


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