A most relaxing day

pikbarAfter the elation of yesterday we took it easy on our last day in Williams AZ. We had plans to walk the main street, to peruse the stores and make a general nuisance of ourselves. Instead we slept in, ate a hearty breakfast – were greeted like long lost family by the staff who were sad to hear we were leaving – and decided to sit in the shade and simply watch the world go by. Well, that and do some shopping that is! It’s been a lovely day, and part of us is sad to be leaving, but we know we have to be moving on, whenever the Amtrak train actually gets here that is – as per usual it’s running on time, 1.5hrs late! – and tomorrow we’ll wake to the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles.

We’re not sure where/when the next blog will be posted from, we’re hoping to find a prepaid c/c (local versions that is) to sort out the internet problems with AT&T and amble around the historic old part of downtown, check out some of the older Spanish buildings and sample some ‘real’ Mexican food at two venues that have our interest. So until the next internet connection, we’ll be on our way!


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