A prologue before departure

This is only a short post, just so you know we haven’t forgotten you, or the internet at large, our next post will hopefully be from Melbourne International Airport shortly before the first leg of our travels, or at the very least a ‘tweet’ from our Twitter or Facebook pages. From there you’ll have to take it as it comes, with any luck we’ll utilise the wifi at Vancouver International Airport before setting off into our adventures properly. So here we are, Monday afternoon, bags are most certainly NOT packed, gifts are littering the floor as though they outline a strategic plan of deployment to conquer half western of Europe and in turn becoming something of a health hazard, the inmates (a.k.a. our pets) are getting more than a little suspicious that something is ‘up’, stink-eye glares and non-verbal challenges are definitely being issued in our general direction.

At the time of posting we have approximately 65 hours until we leave, and what are we doing? Going for massages of course! What a silly question! We’ve done our last checks at the doctors and have been given a clean bill of health, bit bloody late to get anything but that! We’ve raced around town collecting missing bits and pieces, we’ve been primped, preened and polished, well, some of us more than others, so of course it’s time to be pummelled in the name of relaxation!

Tomorrow we do the great cell division, with inmates to be shipped off to other facilities, and the more anti-social ones locked into isolation – and you might be laughing and thinking that we’re joking about that, we’re not, we assure you! We pity the fool who disrespects Ms F! Tomorrow is also our last round of farewells, and the obligatory round or two at the pub, or in our case, dinner and the movies following a couple of rounds at the pub. We’re hoping Dark Shadows will be quite entertaining and not cast any shadows on the next day, given we won’t really be sleeping for the following 30 hours until departure. Well, that or it’ll be so bad we’ll be too traumatised to sleep for the next 30 hours!

We’ve sorted out our money options, or so we hope, and will be feeling better once ‘cashed up’ before we set off, and finally decided that we will get the ‘GoPro‘ camera, so we’ll be wandering around the airport at 4am collecting both of those. Speaking of wandering around airports at ‘ungodly’ hours of the morning, has anyone else seen Fascinating Aida’s ‘Cheap Flights’ routine? If not, you should! We’ll certainly be thinking that checking in at 5am is a… well, we’ll leave you to figure out the rest. So on that note, we’ll be ‘shuffling’ along the aisle as we’ve paid to use the jacks and post when we can.


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