Oh. My. ?

That’s about how we felt this morning. Waking up to a beautiful sunny morning and realising that we have only 19 days left before departure!

Yes, 19! Now I remember posting at the time of the last fifty days, and for us that was some sort of milestone. It felt good. An achievement of sorts. But now, in the face of blind panic, nineteen days feels anything but good. It’s not that we’re having second thoughts, oh no, definitely not that. But you see, in the last few weeks we’ve had a few ups and downs. In a matter of days we’ve had the unexpected cancellation of accommodation in Vancouver – and isn’t it fun trying to find a week’s worth of budget apartment rental for mid July at this time of year, oh joy! – and being blindsided with the sudden illness of, and ultimately losing, a much beloved pet. It’s been difficult trying to keep focused on finishing off trip preparations, remembering to order ‘things’ that need ordering and not get weighed down by the general frustration and sadness that began on May 1st.

In amongst all of this we’ve been thinking about posting, daily we’d think of it, and then either get distracted or think ‘why bother, no news is good news, right?’ So here we are, with less than three weeks to go, we’re still without any idea what clothing we’re going to take, we’ve only gathered a few items of the stash we’re taking over for friends etc, and trying not to think too much about everything.

But it hasn’t all been bad either… or overwhelming… since our last posting. Since then we’ve also discovered a few more ‘to do’ things and added them to our list. Thanks to Man vs Food (a show I honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy, but not so secretly lmao at!) we’ve discovered a few places we’re planning on checking out. Including; Gino’s East and Lucky’s both in Chicago, so we know where we’re eating now! Then there’s ACME Oyster House (whose website doesn’t work, so we’ll have to check it out in person!) and Mother’s, both in New Orleans, so that’s sorted! Now, as we hit D.C. and NYC we’re up for a little exploration. We haven’t seen anything mentioned on MVF, but we’re not daunted. D.C. as we’ve heard is pretty $$$, and that’s frustrating when you’re on a budget and fussy to boot, so we’re a little cautious but so far we’ve heard about; Breadline, the Greek Deli, and Oohhs & Aahh’s, which if nothing else sounds ‘interesting’. In NY we’re thinking about checking out these; Percy’s Pizza, Sigmund’s Pretzels, (cause really, what’s a visit to the Big Apple without a pretzel?) and of course Parisi Bakery! We might even try to check out Luke’s Lobster if we’re feeling aquatically inclined!

If anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment and we’ll check it out if we can!

Well, that’s about it for this post, not a long one we know, but what can you do?! See you next time!


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