Well under the half tonne now!

It’s an odd title, I’ll give you that, but it’s a vague reference to cricket and the ‘half tonne’ score of 50 runs, a milestone for each batter, should they last that long that is… So for us it’s pretty memorable too, mainly because it’s absolutely terrifying! As of today we have 45 days until departure, and I’m officially crapping myself – panicking as to if I’ve remembered everything, train travel, car hire, booking hotels, omg, did I remember to confirm everything??? I’ve never been wholey-and-soley responsible for a trip’s planning before, never been in charge of co-ordinating EVERYTHING, and quite frankly I’m freaking out.

Only this week did I discover that the travel agent has us booked on a later flight out of Melbourne than I’d requested, we should still make the connection but still, it’s a little frustrating – and that the rail ticket people (I refuse to call them a business as they were beyond useless and I will NEVER book through them again) didn’t send us the voucher for one sector of our travel, so thank god I caught that one, or we’d have been stuck in Toronto and missed our train to Chicago! Oh, and thank goodness Amtrak told me about the change to departure time from L.A. (for the L.A. – New Orleans trip), because Rail Plus sure weren’t aware of it… so now we have an extra six hours in ‘olde’ L.A. Something we’re really looking forward too!

On the upside though, I’ve had a brilliant week finishing the accommodation in Vancouver Island! We were planning on winging it, something J would never normally agree to, but then we discovered that there were a few events happening at the same time, and things were looking a little like it could go horribly wrong. So in the end we’ve booked in for a week in Victoria (to make the absolute most of the Taste Festival) and just relax a bit. Then four nights in Port Alberni, doing some travel around to Tofino and taking in a Hot Springs Cove tour, not to mention a few other surprises you’ll have to wait to hear about. Then finishing off in Nanaimo for another four nights, again you’ll have to wait and see what our sightseeing will bring!

Has anyone else had fun with the not-so-new ESTA thingy? That was a giggle and a half! I’m still trying to figure out how when you’re a member of the Visa Waiver Program you still need to apply for clearance to enter the US? You pay $14US for their computers to check you out, and determining on the results admit or deny entry. Ugh, isn’t that missing the point? Dude, I have a passport and have been cleared of any criminal past or actions, by your own admission I’m free and clear to come and go, so what’s with the non-visa visa-like process? Money laundering bs if you ask me, but hey, what can you do?

our Skype profile picture

In other news we’ve tried and tested our Skype setup, and all systems are go! We’ll hopefully be organising a subscription so we can chat with anyone we like whilst we’re away, so if you think you might like to chat (either video or audio only) send a contact request through to pandpbigadventures and we’ll see what we can do!

Right now our biggest debate is whether or not to get a GoPro HD Camera… We’re already taking two digital cameras, and I’m not sure how much use we’d get out of it… or would we make the effort because we had one? On our last trip to the UK and France we shot 7 hours of footage, and it’s not too bad, but in all honesty we look at the still pictures more. I’d like to think we’d capture some of our train travel, rattling along the rails, the scenery going past, crossing over the Mighty Mississippi, or through the Badlands, not to mention the hours spend with family and friends. But can I actually justify the purchase of this ‘toy’? More time and debate is required! The other tech-toy I seriously need to get to grips with is the Seagate Wireless HDD, or we’re going to be in some serious poop! We’re planning on using this to back up from our iPad’s whilst traveling, being able to sync to the hard drive and know that our pics are safe and sound. But that means I do actually have to find one and purchase it. Always with the find-and-buy over here, it’s exhausting I tells ya!

the maps and calendar

Well, this brings me to the end of another post, I do apologise for the sparse posting, but as it’s all just checking off days on the calendar at the moment, there’s really not that much to blog about. But with so few ‘sleeps’ left that will soon change! Until next time…


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