Double-Digit-Days Now!

Well it’s one of those small but noticable moments on the calendar. Ultimately it doesn’t make much difference, but in some ways it does. We’ve reached the milestone and are now counting down in double-digit-days (nothing like a bit of alliteration to start the day). Yes, as of this morning we have 100 days, or sleeps for those of the childlike spirit, to go before leaving! For J it now seems terrifyingly real, it’s no longer an uncountable number of days, it’s definite. Maybe I should print her off a ‘calendar’ to cross off? Thoughts?

Other news that’s developed since last week… In a massive backpeddle I’ve opted to not go back to school at all this year. It’s a return to my previous state – pre-VU offer – before being swept up in the excitement of receiving the offer to study. In all my enthusiasm I forgot one vital fact. Just when was I going to be able to study? With just over three months left before leaving, I need to help with the family business, run it and my parents house whilst they’re away, finish planning/paying for our trip, then the parents are home for one week before we leave. So, unless I give up sleeping, study is going to have to wait!

I also managed to find and purchase a copy of Audubon Field Guide for our trip, given that J and I both love animals (and would love to spot and identify some of them whilst we’re touring), but the ebook/app also has trees and wild flowers. There’s a Reptiles and Amphibians one, and a Fishes one which I’m still debating on getting. Anyone ever heard of them or used them before? Let me know!

My other joy this last week was finding and purchasing a letherbound journal to take away. I’d debated whether or not to do this, after all, it’s a lot of money for those treats, but I really wanted something to chronicle any restaurants we went to, or menus that may have a nasty accident and fall into it, or to jot down recipes or food related ideas that strike whilst we’re criss-crossing the nation. So here it is. I think it’s lovely, and hopefully it will work a charm for what I want to use it for!

So with that in mind, here’s to the final 99 days (after today that is)!


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