Testing and Time

So this is the official test for our blogging software. After much debating, read frustration and endless searching for an ipad app that both worked and was affordable, we finally have ourselves an app to blog from, you can find it in iTunes as ‘Blogsy‘. It’s proving to easy to use, has great options for including media, and for once I’m not left feeling like an absolute novice!

But that’s not the only thing we’ve been testing. Since the last post we’ve been road testing the Black Wolf Pegasus day packs, and I have to admit with great joy I was suitably impressed! Using them almost constantly for three days straight – walking around tourist attractions, beach walks, city hiking – in the height of summer here and they were comfortable to wear for hours on end. The mesh on the backs meant they weren’t all sweaty and horrid at the end of the day, the pockets held everything we could think of, and most importantly, we could carry all the water we required for activity under the summer sun.

In other news… Our tickets are finally booked! Both Air Canada and United airfares and Amtrak rail passes are confirmed. Suddenly this is all feeling very real and imminent! Car hire will be paid for shortly along with our rail travel upgrades and then I only have the last few accommodations to book and we’re as good as gone! 104 days and counting! Won’t be long now til we’re under ‘the’ hundred mark, and the excitement will really start to build. Of course that excitement could also be measured as blind panic! Besides, trip sorted, house under control, garden growing nicely, oh, and I’m back to full time study… nah, we got this in the bag!


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