It never rains!

Then it pours. The last couple of weeks have been like that, really. We finally found the bags we wanted, and managed to get them at a really good price!

Our Pegasus and Ridgerunner bags

We’re now trying to track down some water bottles, we’re thinking about these ones: Click Here. However, since finding them and trying to purchase them, they seem to have fallen off the edge of the world. Very frustrating! So now we’re waiting for an email back from them saying whether or not they’re available. Honestly, the crap you have to go through!

On a much brighter note, our Amtrak passes are all but booked and paid for, just waiting for another couple of days to confirm with some friends before we finalise things. There’s a distinct possibility of a roadtrip to Montreal, a foodie roadtrip no less! So fingers crossed it comes off! If it doesn’t, then we’re still more than thrilled at our current plans!

Our other distractions over the last few days have been some incredible house guests! Friends we’ve been waiting over a decade to meet and hang out with, and boy oh boy was it worth waiting for! For three days we monopolised their time, taking them to Sovereign Hill, down to Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula, and Melbourne – for the Australian Tennis Open, and by chance, the RAAF Roulettes! We dined at the Ballarat Steakhouse and Asahi restaurants, and of course no trip to Melbourne would be complete without dinner at Jim’s Greek Tavern! We were incredibly sad to see them go, but we’re looking forward to seeing them both again soon!

So as of today we have 122 days left, slightly just over four months. In a way it feels like an age away, on the other side though, anyone who’s ever taken on a trip of this magnitude knows how little time that is to hang it all together. This week I MUST get the flights booked, the passes finalised and start on the hotels. It’ll be a week filled with check-lists and mini panic sessions.


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