140 days… and getting a little nervous. That sounds ridiculous. I know. But I am, and I’m really not sure why. I know a LOT has changed in the US since I was there thirteen years ago, but at the same time, it is still just the US. I guess I’m concerned I’ve screwed up some travel plans, or worried what’ll happen if we miss a connecting train. I really do not want to get stuck in the middle of Arizona unable to get to LA in time for our train out. But then, I guess if that happens then it’s meant to.

Most travel is like that though. Trusting in fate that you’ll be where you need to and at the Universes discretion. It may be a game of dice, sometimes we win and we’re prepared for what comes. Other times you get blindsided by the unforeseen, but you can still win from that, learn something you didn’t previously know or experience something new. Sounds awfully philosophical doesn’t it.

At any rate I’ve been finalising our Amtrak Rail Pass/es, sorting the bookings and making sure the arranging company reserves the right seats! Yet at the same time debating whether to do it all myself or not, should I pay an extra $500 pp to have them do it all? Oh what joy! Then it’s time to settle the flights, and hope nothing changes between now and then. Too bad if it does!

Our bags are sorted though, J has been convinced on the virtues of the Black Wolf Ridgerunner 80+20 and a Pegasus daypack (J’s idea and I agree), and being the goofballs that we are, we can get them in matching colours of our choice. It’s the little things. My other joy at the moment is the relief at being able to take a multipurpose tool for us. I’ve been debating whether to take pliers, screwdriver and a full kitchen knife etc – as we know we’ll be keeping some foods on us rather than eating out all the time – or to get a multi-tool and take that. I’ve had a knock-off before, and have found it to be ok, but it wore out pretty quick and the blade was terrible. J must have been reading my mind, because this morning, my b’day, what do you suppose I was given? A Leatherman Wingman! So stoked! So now we’re all set in that department!

Now I just need to finish booking our accommodations, check the costings for all the other stuff again and maybe that’ll quieten the rising panic. But I doubt it. 140 days and counting!


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